The Right Cut...

We have seven different bikini pant cuts to suit every need, style and shape! Let us explain the difference for you to make the right choice! We are a premium basics label that has something for everyone. The intention is too mix and match to find exactly what you are looking for! All our different pants are designer to be paired with all our different tops so find the styles that suit you best! 

The Basic Pant.

Our Basic Pant is our full coverage style for your everyday wear. It covers everything up, has slightly thicker sides and provides for a modest bikini bum style! 

The Cheeky Pant.

Our Cheeky Pant is a mid coverage more generic brazilian bum cut. It is super flattering and the mid seam accentuates the natural shape of your bum. A little less coverage then the Basic but nothing too extreme! 

The Skimpy Pant.

Our Skimpy Pant has slightly less coverage then the cheeky but  not by much. The main difference with this style is the elastic waist band that provides a super slim and super flattering style for your bum and legs. It does not cut in or give unsightly bulges but does provide a slimmer line, better for tanning and running around the beach! Our Skimpy Pant goes with pretty much everything! This is one of our most popular styles!

Tie Side Pant.

Our Tie Side Pant is your generic bikini bottom! With similar coverage to the skimpy style it's not extreme and not too modest. Somewhere in between. If you like your full coverage bum this probably isn't the style for you. Tie side keeps it super flattering and adjustable.

High Waisted.

Our High Waisted Pant is always a bit of a wardrobe staple. It has a slightly cheeky bum but is designed to provide quite a mid to high coverage. With a wide elasticised waist band this style is perfect to wear all day - after a long lunch and a few cocktails by the pool this style is designed to keep everything tucked in! 

G-String Pant.

Our skimpiest style, the G-String Pant is designed for those wanting to show it all off! Whether you are looking for the ultimate tanning companion to lie around the pool in or strut down Bondi Beach - we love the barely there look of the G-String Pant! 

High Cut Pant.

This 90's inspired pant features a sleek silhouette that highlights curves and will give you the look of longer legs and a perky behind. Incorporating a V front and back design with a higher rise through the hips and mid cut coverage through the back.