A M E R I C A !

During the year INC SWIM travelled across to the United States to shoot some amazing new locations (and amazing new girls!) with photographer Josie Clough and online store, It's Now Cool. 

The incredible Bryana Holly was shot by Josie Clough for It's Now Cool with the Santa Monica Pier as the backdrop! How very L.A!

We cannot get enough of the black and whites... We love this classic shot of babe Anna Christina Schwartz taken on a dusky night after the L.A bushfires. 

Always having a laugh ... Josie caught up with mega babe Alexis Ren in Malibu to take some shots, one featuring our iconic red Sliding Tri.

On a foggy day in Costa Mesa Josie and L.A babe Shannon Barker chased the sun around capturing some sun kissed images of this total beach babe! 

Beach sleeps... During the final days in L.A. It's Now Cool photographer, Josie Clough cruised up the beach with total babe and awesome surfer, Anastasia Ashley to take snaps of the down to earth babe!